When is the right time to look for a new job?

The decision to quit a job is never an easy one, but at times, it needs to be made. In cases where you’ve been employed with an organisation for a number of years, for instance, there is always the danger of becoming complacent.

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The decision to quit a job is never an easy one, but at times it has to be made. A hostile workplace, an unchallenging work profile or lack of growth can be compelling reasons to make a switch. But at other times, whether to quit or not can be a difficult call to make. In cases where you’ve been employed with an organisation for a number of years, for instance, there is always the danger of becoming complacent. You could decide to go along with the status quo rather than shake things up.

You know it’s time to look for a new job when:

1. The job doesn’t excite you anymore

All of us have experienced lack of motivation at work. But when that phase doesn’t seem to end, you need to ask yourself – where has the passion gone? If you find a way to rediscover it, that’s great. But there’s no point in dragging yourself to the office every morning. Instead, take a step back, ponder and start looking for a change. Find better opportunities.

2. You don’t get along with your boss

Studies have shown that a bad or unreasonable boss is the top reason for people quitting their jobs. If you have differences with your boss that can’t be resolved no matter how hard you try, it’s time to look for a new job.

3. Work pressure is destroying your health and family life

Is the stress at work literally killing you? High blood pressure and insomnia are lifestyle diseases caused by pressure at work. If it’s not your health that is impacted, it could be your relationships. Do you get enough time to spend with your family? A lack of work-life balance can be an undeniable reason to move on.

4. You seem disgruntled

Analyse your recent behavior. Have you turned into one of those employees who find fault with everything the organisation does? Are your new friends in office those people who generally complain all the time about the company? These are signs that you have become a disgruntled employee. You have two choices — either change your attitude or find a new job.

5. Your philosophy doesn’t align with that of the organisation

It is quite possible that you realise that the mission and objectives of the company are at odds with your personal goals and philosophies. Under the circumstances, the right thing to do would be to look for another job. It would be impossible for you to give 100 per cent if there’s a conflict between your values and those of the company.

6. Stagnation

Are you caught up doing the same thing at work for as long as you can remember? Have you been passed over for promotions? Have you been deprived of opportunities to add to your skills that could make you more valuable to the organisation?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it could mean that you are stagnating. Get out of your comfort zone and start looking for work that is more challenging and fulfilling.

7. Gut feeling

Sometimes, things seem okay at work but your gut tells you that you should go. Don’t ignore these instincts. Instead, take the opportunity to evaluate your current situation. Discuss your job with a friend, or draw up a list of pros and cons to see if continuing in the current organisation is still worth it.

There are several indicators that tell you it’s time to look for a new job. But after you weigh the pros and cons of staying versus leaving, there is one definite rule to quitting. Never ever cave to an emotional impulse and storm out in a huff. Deciding to quit a job should always be a well-thought out and rationalised decision.  And when you eventually look for a new job, always look for a job that you’ll love. #LoveWhatYouDo