Make Full Use Of The Various Features Offered By EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software have been getting more and more popular with people as a number of people are losing their data on a daily basis. EaseUS Data recovery software is one of the most popular data recovery software, which has become a top choice for several customers. Due to the software’s easy-to-use and simplified features, it is the leading software among various others. The software utilizes effective and efficient tool in order to assist people in recovering their crucial files. The software extends support to file types, such as video, email, compressed, documents and music files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The recovery software can help you in recovering inaccessible and mistakenly deleted files, which might have had been lost because of certain situations, such as lost partitions, malware, system crash, formatted disks, OS crash, virus attacks, corrupted disks, hard drive recovery etc. The software also support various storage devices, such as memory cards, flash drives, iPod, pen drives, MP4 players, CD/DVDs, media players etc.

The recovery software is available to the user in four different packages, which are Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE and Technical. All these four packages come with different usage, with the first package being free. It can be used as a trial of the software as it offers all features of the software with one limitation that the user can only recover 2 GB worth of data. The other packages can be purchased to remove this limit.

The Pro and Pro+WinPE package offers unlimited technical support as well as unlimited amount of data recovery. These packages come with single-license and can only be used in one single system. If a person wishes to distribute the software further to different systems, he or she can opt for the technical package.

The recovery software recovers files with the assistance of data remnants. These remnants are left behind in the disk by deleted and lost files. The software is able to recover these and reconstructs the original files.

Scanning Modes

The recovery software makes use of two scan modes in order to recover the files. The first of this is the quick scan mode, which offers a quick recovery experience. It scans the whole drive for data remnants, left behind by permanently deleted files. As soon as the mode is finished, the results are displayed on the screen, and the deep scan mode is automatically begun.

The deep scan mode scans the drive in a more advanced manner, with the search expanding to all inaccessible and hidden files. It also retrieves all data remnants left behind by deleted files. As it searches for more files, this mode tends to take a longer amount of time than usual.

This free data recovery software offer a hassle-free experience to the user, with minimal time being spend manually. All the processes are automated, with almost no user interference. The software has been one which has proved its worth to many So, if you have recently lost some important files, this is the software to go for.