How to Maintain Your Gas Station Air Compressor

Air compressors come in handy at a gas station. Access makes customers happy. They will mentally take note that you are one of the few that still offers this convenience. Below are a few ways you can help maintain your air compressor to keep it running strong for years.

Care for the Customer Conveniences

There may be customers that drive well out of their way to come to your gas station because you offer the convenience of an air compressor. They may need to air up vehicle tires, bike tires, or beach floaties. Little extras like this can help cultivate customer loyalty. This is one of the things that can help bring in even more customers.

Read All Manuals Regarding Your Make and Model Air Compressor

Each type of air compressor on the market today can be a little different when it comes to basic maintenance and care. Take the time to read through the manual that came with your air compressor and familiarize yourself with the specific needs of that model.

Tighten All Parts Periodically

Every time the air compressor runs there is a strong vibration. This can cause any screws and other attachment parts to come loose over time. Check on the entire unit every few days to make sure nothing has come loose or detached. This is one chore you will simply have to make into a habit.

Make Sure Water Drains

There should rarely if ever be a problem with water drainage from the air compressor. They have a drain that should release the water without any assistance. You still need to check this every once in a while. Water collection will start to corrode the air compressor.

Place It Out of the Direct Sun

An air compressor can overheat if it operated too often in the direct sunlight, especially on hot days. Try and find a nook on your property to place it in the shade. Build a small covering for it if there is no shade available.

Clean the Filter

A dirty air filter will cause the air compressor to work harder and less effective. You can end up burning out the motor. Clean the air filter frequently.

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