Future-proof software ‘integral to modern construction’

Cost control and lean principles require efficient digital software, an Exactal expert told Construction Week [representational image].

While the firm is not exhibiting at this year’s The Big 5 2018 show, the group is firmly committed to the region, with this year seeing it open a dedicated Middle East office in Dubai. This move, sales manager Neil Hanks told Construction Week, will allow Exactal “to provide an even higher level of service in the Mena region”.

“There is significant opportunity for growth in the Middle East particularly, with a strong construction economy and upcoming events such as Expo 2020 Dubai certain to attract a lot of attention.”

“It’s no secret that BIM implementation is growing in the Mena region, and our software leads the market with its live-linked model information, user-defined rate libraries, extensive file support and other great features. Our industry needs to embrace increased digitisation, which software companies such as Exactal are committed to supporting.”

CostX, described as a flagship product, combines 5D building information modelling (BIM) support with advanced 2D takeoff, auto-revisioning, spreadsheet-based workbooks, and professional report production, among other features.

BIM is seen as vital for the engineering and construction industry as it looks to digital transformation to tackle inherent challenges. These include budget overspend, project delays, and quality control issues.

“CostX is designed as a project costing tool with broad application across industries. Quantity surveyors, BIM managers, contractors, builders and a range of other professionals can improve their processes with our software,” comments Hays.

Governments have been mandating the use of BIM on infrastructure projects throughout Europe and beyond, to streamline major development projects and, in turn, increase productivity in the industry.

“Innovative and future-proof software is integral to modern construction. Efficiency, cost control and lean principles are growing in importance, and businesses that abide by older methods cannot hope to compete in a rapidly changing environment,” he adds.

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“BIM is noted for its collaborative potential and improved project outcomes as a result. Our industry needs to embrace increased digitisation, which software companies such as Exactal are committed to supporting.”

Looking into 2019, Hays says the group is “committed to worldwide growth and continue investment in our product line. [It] currently operates nine worldwide offices, and our brand is hard at work on several new product initiatives that we are sure will strengthen our market position in coming years”.