Carpool Karaoke’s First Episode Debuts on Apple Music, Excluding India

Carpool Karaoke's First Episode Debuts on Apple Music, Excluding India

The first episode of Apple’s Carpool Karaoke – starring Late Late Show host James Corden, and actor Will Smith – is now available to watch on Apple Music. The original series is a spin-off of the popular segment part of Corden’s CBS talk-show, which has made a name for itself on the Internet.

Unlike its TV counterpart, not all the Apple episodes will be hosted by Corden himself, with other celebrities taking his role in future entries. They will also contain segments shot outside the car as well, which involves crashing a wedding in the case of Corden and Smith. Of course, it’s all staged.

Apart from the episode itself – which run about 15 to 20 minutes – Apple will also provide bonus two-minute segments that didn’t fit the episode, but could have value on their own. With Smith, that includes his son Jaden’s choice of prom outfit, and meeting Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela.

Weirdly enough, Carpool Karaoke isn’t available in India at the time of writing, even though it has additional language support for Hindi. We have reached out to Apple India for comment, and will update you once we hear back.

Apple has also provided trailers for two future episodes, starring singer-songwriters Alicia Keys and John Legend, and actor Billy Eichner with the band Metallica. New episodes will be released every Tuesday.

Future pairings also include Game of Thrones stars and real-life best friends Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, former basketballer Shaquille O’Neal and wrestler-actor John Cena, and producer Seth MacFarlane and singer Ariana Grande.