Apple could be working on a new iPod model

Apple iPod Touch

It has a long time since iPod was one of the most important gadgets in Apple’s books. The company discontinued its iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano nearly two years back in 2017, leaving the iPod Touch the sole living decendent of its trendsetting music player. The 6th generation of iPod Touch was released in 2015 and so its long due for an upgrade. And now the word is that the company is working to bring a new and updated verison of its only surviving iPod in the market.

Macotakara┬áciting Apple’s supply chain sources said that the Cupertino, California based company is working on developing the 7th generation model of the iPod Touch that would replace the the 6th generation iPod Touch, 32GB variant of which sells at $199 or Rs 17,000 in India.

Currently, the iPod Touch is one of the less costly devices in the company’s portfolio apart from the 4th generation Apple TV, which costs $149 (Rs 14,100 in India), and the AirPods, which costs $160 (Rs 11,999 in India). On the higher end, the company has 6th generation iPad, which ships for $329 (Rs 38,600 in India) and the $449 (Rs 37,999 in India) iPhone7. The company sells no device in $200 – $300 price segement. Launching a $250 iPod Touch could also mean that the company is looking to fill in this gap.

Alternatively, it could also mean that the company is looking to lure the young school and college going students who cannot afford a Rs 77,000 iPhone XR yet.

However, the publication not only made a prediction about the iPod but also about Apple’s upcoming iPhones. As per the report, just like the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 3rd generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the next generation iPhone might get a USB Type-C connector. However, the people working on getting the feature on-boarding the upcoming iPhone said that the product has not reached the reference design stage yet. This could indicate that Apple 2019 iPhone, which could possibly be called the Apple iPhone XI, could possibly miss the update.